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Special Edition Rossi SanMarino 2015 helmet, Water World theme!!


motorrio.com – From Rossi’s Facebook page, he announced a special design helmet, by his mate Aldo Drudi, as he did in every Italian MotoGP (of course, becoz he’s Italiano 😀 ) And this year, he choose water world theme (I don’t know exactly what the theme is…) Continue reading

Rossi Special Helmet design for Mugello 2015 round


As usual, Valentino Rossi always use special design helmet for his home round @Mugello. This year just like he share on his Instagram account, he will use a black blue AGV helmet designed by his friend Aldo Drudi. So far I still have no information about the philosophy of this design. I let you guys ASAP when I already have Rossi’s philosophy about this helmet.

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