Kawasaki J125, small displacement version of J300


motorrio.com – Still from EICMA 2015, Kawasaki, the brand who consistenly launched n sell large displacement bikes in Indonesia, which is a niche market, launched a small displacement scooter, Kawasaki J125.

A small displacement version of  Kawasaki J300, we can say that, because there are almost no differences from its bigger brother.
Starting from its looks and design, features like under-seat storage (large enough for a full-
face helmet) LED lighting, 12V socket inside the glove box, foldaway cargo hook, those are exactly teh same with Kawasaki J300.
There is still no pricelist released for the J125, but one big question flashed in my head, will it come to Indonesia? Because now, big size scooter – I mean in size, not in displacement – are sold well in Indonesia, just look at Yamaha NMax, the 150cc scooter in big scooter form.
And thanks to its small displacement engine, plus local contents and production, made it low cost in production, which made the selling price becoming lower.

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3 responses to “Kawasaki J125, small displacement version of J300

  1. Ìiiiii

    Terkirim dari Samsung Mobile.


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