Kawasaki Ninja H2R, Special bike for Special Treatment!!


Mazbro n mbaksis, today I just read the page of the amazing Kawasaki Ninja H2R on CycleWorld website. There I found some very interesting facts that anyone, who intend to buy this Turbo-Monsterbike, must read and understand before send the check to Kawasaki’s dealer. This bike have some acknowledgement for its use after you bought it.

Its includes the vehicle itself, the specific tire which not allowed to change to other brand, even other Bridgestone tires model, how to buy parts when it needs to be replaced,  and so on. Read after these notes for the complete acknowledgement…..


Vehicle: The Ninja H2R is a closed-course, riding-use-only model and is not manufactured for use on public roads, streets or highways. All
usage of this vehicle should be limited to riding on a closed course.

Parts: Parts designed specifically for the H2R are for closed course riding use only and cannot be purchased without proof of H2R ownership (product registration, VIN confirmation, etc.).

Exhaust Sound: The exhaust sound level of the H2R at the time of factory shipment is 120 dB/A using Auto Cycle Union (ACU) guidelines. It is the
owner’s responsibility to confirm that noise regulations of closed courses permit vehicles reaching this level of exhaust sound. Changes to the exhaust system may alter performance and sound level.

Usage, Maintenance, and Warranty: As a closed-course, riding-use-only model, specific procedures must be followed when riding and maintaining the H2R:

Vehicle Tires: Do not replace the tires on the H2R with any other brand and model than those offered as standard equipment:
Front: Bridgestone, Racing Battlax V01F Soft
Rear: Bridgestone, Racing Battlax V01R Medium
Kawasaki does not approve Bridgestone Racing Battlax V02F & V02R tires for H2R usage.

Tire Warmers: To prevent loss of tire grip, always use tire warmers to heat tires prior to riding the H2R. Cold tires do not provide sufficient grip and
may cause loss of vehicle control and/or a crash, which could result in injury or death.

Vehicle Storage: When storing the H2R, always use front and rear motorcycle stands that keep both tires off the ground. This will prevent tire deformation and adverse impacts on performance.

Vehicle Maintenance: In addition to regular periodic maintenance, service inspections are required every 15 hours of engine operation above
8,000r/min (rpm). These service intervals are monitored through the vehicle’s ECU with service messages displayed on the multifunction meter.
(See Owner’s Manual for additional information)

Vehicle Warranty: The H2R is sold “As is” with no warranties, express or implied. The purchaser accepts all responsibilities concerning cost of
service, maintenance and repairs.

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8 responses to “Kawasaki Ninja H2R, Special bike for Special Treatment!!

  1. Buset, sampai ban aja pakai yang spesifik ditentukan Kawasaki


    Kawasaki KLX 150 Itu Kalau di Luar Negeri Jadi Motor Enduro Murni http://klxadventure.com/2014/11/17/kawasaki-klx-150-itu-kalau-di-luar-negeri-jadi-motor-enduro-murni/


  2. wah… bhs asing.. 😦 *ra mudeng…


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