Honda Racing Corporation: Alberto Puig Team Manager baru di Repsol Honda Team 

Alberto Puig berbincang bersama Dani Pedrosa sebelum balap (

HRC: Alberto Puig Team Manager baru di Repsol Honda Team – –

Alberto Puig diberi mandat oleh Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) sebagai Team Manager dari Repsol Honda Team, tim pabrikan Honda di ajang MotoGP. Puig mulai bertugas sejak hari ini, dan tugas pertamanya adalah test resmi MotoGP di Sepang International Circuit Malaysia pada 28-30 Januari 2018. 

Kiprah Alberto Puig bersama Honda

Kiprah Puig selama 25 tahun di arena balap motor menjadi pertimbangan utama dari HRC, plus Puig bisa dikata sebagai loyalis Honda, dimulai sejak dia ikut balap memakai motor Honda, yang setelah pensiun sebagai pembalap, Puig tetap berkiprah di ajang balap, dengan menjadi Manager di tim balap kecil, dan terakhir sebagai HRC Advisor, yang membawahi Asia Talent Cup dan British Talent Cup secara langsung. 

Alberto Puig

Team Manager

“I’m very grateful to HRC for this opportunity they have given me with the Repsol Honda Team. I’ve been with Honda for the last 25 years of my professional career, first as a rider, then as a team manager in the smaller classes, and lately as a coach for many of the Asian riders Honda have around the world. To have the chance to be in this position in one of the most successful teams in the MotoGP championship is a very big honour for me, so I can only focus on giving my best back to Honda and on trying to help them to achieve their goals. I’m sure our riders will be ready when the time comes, and we as a team will also be ready to once again fight for the title, with humility but also with great determination.”

Puig wajib lapor ke Tetsuhiro Kuwata sebagai HRC Director-General Manager Race Operation, Management Division. Dimana Puig dan Takeo Yokoyama selaku Technical Manager berkolaborasi untuk operasional balap MotoGP yang dinaungi HRC.

Tetsuhiro Kuwata

HRC Director – General Manager Race Operations Management Division

“We are happy for Alberto to assume a new role as Team Manager for the Repsol Honda Team. Alberto has already been a part of the HRC family for many years, first as a rider and then as an Advisor, ultimately managing the Asia Talent Cup, where he helped promising young riders to develop into the sport. We believe his skills and great expertise at the highest levels of international motorcycle racing, together with his long and successful relationship with HRC, will give a precious contribution to the Company and the Team, which is aiming to once again fight at the top of the MotoGP Championship. We give Alberto a warm ‘welcome aboard’ and wish him good luck in his work!”

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