Electric vehicle fined for producing CO2 emissions???


Tesla Model S, one of the famous electric car

motorrio.com – Whatttt?? Give me a break?! How come an electric vehicle fined for producing too much emissions?? They should be emissions-less right?? Because they use electric to run the vehicle, not fossil fuels?? Well,  you guys will find the answers in the article by JALOPNIK below, which I take from my Flipboard…..

9 Maret 2016
Tesla Model S Fined For Producing Too Much Emissions
Raphael Orlove

Electric cars are only as clean as the electric grid they run off of, and in Singapore, that means one owner’s Tesla Model S

is getting fined for producing too much CO2. Here’s how they came to this figure for what is ostensibly a zero-emissions vehicle.
The fine comes from Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, or LTA, which gives fines or rebates depending on how much (or how little) pollution a car emits. According to the LTA’s calculations, the Tesla Model S produces the equivalent of 222g/km of CO2, which is enough to categorize it as a serious polluter.

Maybe we need a new term for this. It can’t be a gas hog or a gas guzzler. Is it an e-guzzler? None of this sounds right.

An LTA representative spoke with Channel News Asia to explain their rationale. According to the LTA, the Tesla Model S they fined used 444 watt hour per kilometer according to tests performed under United Nations Economic Commission for Europe standards.

From there, the calculations were simple:

“As for all electric vehicles, a grid emission factor of 0.5 g CO2/Wh was also applied to the electric energy consumption. This is to account for CO2 emissions during the electricity generation process, even if there are no tail-pipe emissions. The equivalent CO2 emission of Mr Nguyen’s car was 222g/km, which is in the CEVS surcharge band,”

Naturally, the owner protests this fine, stating that their 444Wh/km doesn’t match what Tesla claims the car uses. Road & Track and Autoblog report that even the would-be-thirstiest Model S, the biggest-battery P90D, only uses 210Wh/km according to Tesla’s US specs.
What’s particularly funny about this is that the owner had actually spent months applying for a S$15,000 (almost $11,000 USD) low-emissions rebate under the TLA’s system, only to get hit with a S$15,000 fine instead.

Elon Musk has already been alerted to the case on Twitter, and we’ll see if the fine sticks.

Already found the answers? Yup, its a little bit ridicilous, but for some reasons, yes its true!!

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5 responses to “Electric vehicle fined for producing CO2 emissions???

  1. buahahaha lucu disamain hitungan co2 seperti hitungan konsumsi listrik, emang bener jg cara penghitungan konsumsi listrik menghasilkan brp emisi karbondioksida. Pinter juga singapura, bener2 kota “fine” aka denda 😀


  2. Warnanya loh greget..

    Diduga banyak masalah, Teguh nekat bunuh diri dengan loncat dari mall http://tinyurl.com/hjs7m8o


  3. Tp kan emg knyataannya gitu. D indonesia misalnya yg pembangkit listriknya betbahan bakar fosil. Ya sama aja meningkatkan produksi co2 dari sisi pembangkit listriknya. Apalagi daya yg d butuhkan untuk pengisian daya mobilnya gak sefldikit.


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