Sketches and Renders of Honda CBR250RR

image – Its already started few weeks ago when Honda showed its new next 250cc sportbike, which rumours said its gonna be next gen of CBR250, with RR ends the name. Ok, we already see the prototype looks like, but do you guys know the pre-prototype looks like?

The sketches and renders before clay-production phase??
These drawings, sketches, or we can say the semi computer renderings (not like fully computer rendering like Motoblast usually did), are always becoming my interest. Coz it contains arts inside, how the artist, or the drawers draw its ideas into a blank sheet of paper (or drawing tablet in more modern drawers), though fully computer renderings still contains arts, and its always amaze me how to do it.
Lets take a look at Honda CBR250RR sketches and renders taken from Honda Global, and enjoy the arts inside!!






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