MotoGP Valencia: Vale’s first pole after Le Mans 2010!!



Mazbro n mbaksis, Valencia’s MotoGP qualification this year as the last race in 2014 already finished 10 minutes ago, with a happy big smiling Rossi in the pole position!! Yup….this is his first ever pole position since Le Mans 2010, and he does so happy for it. After four long years in dissapointment, a couple of years making the most wrong decision in his career, leaving Yamaha for Ducati,
a never come true All Italian Dream, and another year behind Lorenzo; his former team mate; shadow, this result is so important for him.


It shows his improvement to adapted with his Yamaha and his chance to fight with Honda emerged along with it. Now….can Rossi become the Valencia’s winner? Or will Pedrosa and Lorenzo even Iannone become winner, because this is their homeland (except for Iannone)? Or the fallen Marquez will make a miracle and win this race? Well, we should wait for tomorrow race then!!

Qualification result:
1. Rossi
2. Iannone
3. Pedrosa
4. Lorenzo

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5 responses to “MotoGP Valencia: Vale’s first pole after Le Mans 2010!!

  1. Congratation for Rossi… Perhaps he can be the first at finale motogp… So he cam be the runner up…

    Ha ha ha… Hayo yang suka ngebut, lagi nahan BAB ya?


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