Ini dia, BMW G310R, smallest roadster on Bimmer’s lineup!!

bmwg310 2 – BMW’s small roadster, G310R finally revealed. Using 313 cc liquid-cooled, four-valve, oversquare single with bore and stroke of 80 mm by 62.1 mm, it produce 34 horsepower at 9,500 rpm, says BMW. It will be head to head with KTM390, in the same 300cc class, though Bimmer’s engine is less capacity than KTM’s.

BMWG310 1

It still a premium class, just like its bigger brother, equipped with ABS and inverted fork on the front, it should made a more expensive rather than, just said, Honda’s CBR300R. But BMW is BMW with its premium image, not like Honda, which a common commuter bikes, in image.

BMWG310 engine

Some unique technical aspects also shown in the engine, especially in the installment of the engine, in backwards!! When usual bike engines placed its intake in the back and exhaust in the front, G310R placed it backwards, exhaust in the back and intake in the front.

The rumours said that BMW G310R will also become base model for the TVS’s new 300cc model, because as we know that BMW and TVS has agreement for developing new models, just wait n see….

Photos from BMW

5 responses to “Ini dia, BMW G310R, smallest roadster on Bimmer’s lineup!!

  1. Lha koq nganggo Boso Londo..?


  2. Lumayan keren desainya.
    Numpang sharing aplikasi android untuk merawat motor manual Gan


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