Cars time: Datsun Go, Go +, on Go, all for one, one for all!!


Mazbro n mbaksis, Datsun already unveiled their new low segment cars, the Go series. It starts with Datsun Go model premiere in India, the hatchback, then Indonesia also premiere its Go+ model, with the longer wheelbase, and estate model, like Nissan Grand Livina, and the last of the bunch is the Datsun on Go sedan, which premiered in Rusia. Why Datsun made 3 different models, rather than just one model?
Because the R&D already has a result that each region in the world, which Datsun market interested to enter has their own favourite models of passenger car.


Like India, the majority of Indians like the hatchback model, rather than sedan or  estate. Sedan models is the favourite in Rusia, and estate or MPV models is the best selling model in Indonesia, because Indonesian loves to travel with their big families. That’s the main reason why each country becoming the base of each models production. And with the under 100 million rupiahs pricelist, Datsun Go+ is already on my list of car I want to buy. Not only because the pricelist, but also for its ability to travel with more people and more luggage than the other two models.


Although it is still possible to launch the hatchback and the sedan models in Indonesia, but still estate/ MPV model is the priority, the same situation in India or Rusia. The rumour said that Datsun Go+ will be launched next May, 2014, just hope that the information about the specs, pricelist, is the same. So Indonesian will have more models choices of low cost cars, rather than estate model only!

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