MotoGP : Marquez wins Best Qualifier of 2013 BMW M Award


Mazbro, as we all know that Marquez is the pole sitter for the last race of this 2013 MotoGP season, and he aleady win nine pole positions (included the Valencia GP) and six front row starts, Marquez has accumulated 367 points in the race to become the Best Qualifier, 56 points ahead of Yamaha Factory Racing’s Jorge Lorenzo in second and 102 points ahead of Cal Crutchlow in third. With all of that achievement, Marquez crowned as the Best Qualifier in BMW M Award and took home the grand prize of a brand new BMW M6 Coupé.
This is the first time he won the prize, besides of his chance to win the first ever World title in MotoGP class.
The keys were handed over by Thomas Schemera, BMW M Commercial and Marketing Director.
Just can’t wait what will happened this afternoon (Valencia time)

Note : thanx to mazbro Dono Andomo for the correction (ono sing salah maneh ga ya, lagi belajar nilis soale 😀 )

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