MotoGP Jerez: Qualification, Marquez again!!! Oh…noooooo…!!!


Mazbro n mbaksis, MR not going to write about how the Qualification session goes, n who is in the front and second row, but MR want to share my worries about this “going to boring 2014 season” goes. That’s a little bit frightening to us, MotoGP fans, who wants to see a dog fight, non easy winning, non same winner on every round this year, don’t you?? But, unfortunately
the path is gonna be like this: BOORRIIIINNGGG!!! Just like the idiom my friend, bonsai biker made, its going to be an OMR, One Marquez Race (taken from the original shortage of One Make Race).
Why MR so damn worried about the Marquez domination. Let see….after three first round this year, all won by Marquez, so does with the pole position. And in this Jerez round, Marquez has a higher motivation, because he never won in this circuit in all classes he ever participated with. After four Free Practice session at Jerez circuit, it looks like we’re gonna see another round with Marquez in pole position, just like the other three round this year.
MR do respect for what Marc achieved until this round, because he is a fast, talented, smart rider, and as far as I know, with the Honda package, no one will ever catch him!! And this is the start point where the boring session begin, he (will) always wins!!! If anyone remembered how bored the 500cc 2 stroke class in the 90’s era when Mick Doohan dominated the years in his Honda NSR500 at that time, you will see the same boring seasons starring Marquez this time.
MR remembered, at that Doohan domination years, we’re not waiting who’s gonna win, but who will be the 2nd and 3rd position!! So dominated by Doohan, so we always guessed he was the winner at every round.
MR hopes that starting this round, whether Pedrosa, Lorenzo, or even Rossi will make a non-boring season this year, with all the passing and dog fighting with Marquez, hope so….

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